Review: GripCase Crystal + AudioStick +Thumb Grip

Review: GripCase Crystal + AudioStick +Thumb Grip

Hey all! How was your weekend and what games did you play?☺️ @skullnco was kind enough to send a few Nintendo Switch accessories for review, so here we go! Thanks @skullnco !
GripCase Crystal Body – if you know me, I like my crystal cases, and this is an excellent case to use. Firstly, the case is very easy to apply and fits perfectly. The bundle comes with three grips to choose from and I personally prefer the Trigger Grips. The other grips are Snap and Plus Grips. The Plus Grip has a more rounded shape, and the Snap has more grip although less area to hold (not my personal favourite). There are several colours you can choose from which was nice to see. I also liked how this was dock friendly so you didn’t have to remove the casing to charge.
AudioStick Bluetooth Transmitter was what I was most looking forward to utilising. The USB C AudioStick allows you to connect your wireless Bluetooth headset within seconds. Good news is the device can be recognised by your PS4/PS5 and other compatible devices too! 10/10 product in my opinion.
Tempered Glass Screen Protector – Very easy to apply and it's similar to the ones I use for my phone so the toughness of the tempered glass screen protector would be great to protect your Switch from scratches. I always recommend people to have some form of screen protection on devices and this will do the job.
Thumb Grips set – these are your typical grips with the Skull n Co logo on it. It's super easy to install with a great rubber quality. I like how they give you a variety of levels to try out. I personally preferred the raised grips as I believe the Nintendo Grips sits fairly low to being with.


Credit: @stvnplayer1 on Instagram


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