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Review: Jumpgate - by Krzysztof
Fabryczny dok wchodzący w skład zestawu z Nintedo Switch OLED jest dla mnie za duży. Szukałem dla niego alternatywy...


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Adam Smith

The naked Switch hurts my hands within a minute or less and is basically unplayable in handheld mode. The NeoGrip is extremely comfortable, and I can play for at least an hour before any discomfort sets in unless I'm playing a game that requires the most extreme of hand dexterity, like DOOM Eternal. For me, this was a must-buy. 100% satisfied with this purchase.

Benjamin Richey

Great TPU case for protection and awesome swappable grips for handheld play comfort. I can even dock my Switch with the case on, though I have to remove the grips or unplug my 2 USB cables on the side. Neither of those options really bother me because the grips slide on and off easily while still feeling very secure. The carry case is super sturdy and great looking, I have no worries when I carry my Switch around in this thing.

Amelia Hamlin

The perfect dock (I wish Nintendo had made one like this from the start!). Such a nice simple design. It's small so it fits nicely wherever you want to display your switch. I keep mine on my desk tucked in next to my PC and it looks great. Easy to just place the switch on and connect it to charge or to play on the PC monitor. I cannot recommend this dock highly enough (and I have recommended it to all my friends!). I also use the joy-con grips and highly recommend those as well. They look so good together.

Timothy Wood

Ooh ooh ooh! The thumb sticks are oh so brilliant 👏. If only I started using these superb items years ago. My game has improved no end. There is no end to gaming using the thumb sticks. Unlike other brands I have had in the past, these don't slip off! Always like to feel reassured that my consoles are protected, so I love that these things are protecting the analog stick from wear!


Arrived today, works well. Easy to pair to my AirPods, sounds great. As far as I know this is the only Bluetooth adapter for an Xbox controller that doesn’t require charging. Uses the power from the controller port. Only thing I wish was better is the sharp edges where the device meets the controller. The plastic should blend a bit more seamlessly into the controller shape.

Christophe B.

I've tried the Switch Bluetooth as well as many dongles and they are all laggy and/or bad quality. The audiostick is just amazing. It works out of the box with no issues, you can even connect it on a regular Windows computer/laptop and a PS5 and it has better and less buggy audio. Simply incredible, I can now play with my IEMs without lag and with superb audio quality.