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GripCase Crystal Review

GripCase Crystal Review

The Skull & Co. grip has been my favorite grip for a very long time! The GripCase Crystal bundle comes with a new, slightly larger version of t...
GripCase Crystal - Post by @lifegamespink

GripCase Crystal - Post by @lifegamespink

Good morning everyone Happy Tuesday. I’d like to show you this amazing grip case that @skullnco gifted me and let me tell you I’m in love!!!Defenit...

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Great product. My Switch is docked 24/7 for almost a year now and I haven't encluntered any issues yet. I use it as a Dex hub for my phone and the core as a hub for my MacBook too. Fits perfectly with the gripcase. Very portable for travels too as it can easily fit in your pocket. - Jumpgate


Love it. Great design, great look and feel in your hands, and really nice carrying case. It’s very snug fitting on the dock, but that’s my only complaint. I also enjoyed the box and packaging the product came in. - GripCase Bundle

Arsenio Aguirre

I love it !! It makes it so much easier and comfortable to hold my switch now. I was actually avoiding using it being I couldn’t get my hands comfortable for too long. I’d highly recommend a skull&co case for any use of the switch now - GripCase Bundle

Scott E Trumps

Fantastic GripCase. I can play with the Switch for much longer periods without any disconfort. And it also protects it from protential drops. The case is also very sturdy and spacious. Highly recommended 👌🏻 - GripCase Bundle

Diogo Madureira

In all honesty this product is amazing, I'm surprised that its not licensed by nintendo, I have multiple items from skull and co. They never seem to disappoint me. All of the products I've purchased have amazing quality for an amazing price. - AudioStick

Miguel Maldonado

Love this adapter! I got the EVA limited edition and it looks great on my switch! I love that it supports multiple Bluetooth codecs and it's build quality is supreme. It also comes with multiple fittings so you can use it with or without a case, and you can use it docked. - AudioStick

Chace Martin

I am enjoying my Skull and Co Audio Stick (Eva Limited Edition) to match my Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (BTS Edition) for my Nintendo Switch. It's nice to game and keep it sleek in style. Well worth my investment for game audio on the go portable gaming and watch my content in peace. I'm an satisfied customer. Will buy again in the upcoming future. - AudioStick


This is great works flawlessly the only nitpick I have is that it doesn’t have a charging pass through like others on the market....other than that it’s awesome - AudioStick

mitchell lara

There are a lot of companies claiming that they're the best. You know the funny thing about that? The best grip case makers that I know of don't even need to claim that title just to say that their products are the best there is in the market. If you are looking for good quality and comfortable grip, do yourself a favour and buy from these fellas - GripCase