Review: Jumpgate Dock

Review: Jumpgate Dock

If you are looking for an alternative to the official Switch Dock, the Skull & Co. Jumpgate is the way to go!

The Skull & Co. Jumpgate dock is by far the best 3rd party dock available for Nintendo Switch! Not only is the Jumpgate dock the safest 3rd party dock, but it’s also extremely portable, easy to use and offers a lot of great features. Now the Jumpgate actually came out awhile ago and ever since then we haven’t really heard much buzz around it despite it being readily available for purchase on the Skull & Co.’s website. They spent 8 months testing this dock and making sure it is completely safe to use even when updating the consoles to a new firmware. It is by far the safest option out there for 3rd party docks but do keep in mind no 3rd party dock is technically completely safe to use. But technically neither is the official dock as the official dock has caused bricking as well. Regardless it’s definitely the safest option and I personally completely trust it.


From my research there hasn’t been a single incident of bricking from this dock and I myself have tested it for several months, even updating my Switch to the 9.0 update while docked and everything went smoothly.

The Skull & Co. has basically every functionality of the official dock and is even better in some ways. It has HDMI out, USB-C charging up to 100 watts, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. But that’s not all, the USB hub part can actually be taken out of the dock and can be used as a more portable Switch dock.


It offers two USB-C ports which are 3.0 compatible whereas the official dock only has one 3.0 port. The official one does have one additional port but since the Jumpgate probably won’t be used as your primary dock that shouldn’t be an issue.

But not only this. This USB-C adapter can be plugged into any USB-C device such as a computer, phone or tablet. It even has Samsung DeX TV Out. When connected, it offers pass through charging, two USB ports, HDMI out to connect to a monitor or TV, and it has a micro SD and full size SD card reader. The micro SD reader is great for transferring your saved screen captures to your computer from the Switch.

Core Drive

The Jumpgate is incredibly versatile. Most people with a USB-C computer already carry around an adapter with them and the Jumpgate can essentially replace that adapter while also working as a portable Switch dock. But even if you will never use that feature of the Jumpgate, it’s still the best 3rd party dock out there and that’s what it was specially designed for and tested for… throughout tons of rigorous tests and research.

In terms of outputting to the TV the dock works basically exactly like the official dock. I haven’t noticed any differences playing on the TV when using the Jumpgate versus the official dock. So in terms of actually using it to output to the TV, it works perfectly.


If you are getting this just as a second dock or because you lost or broke your dock, or maybe you bought a used Switch without a dock, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the Jumpgate. The official dock is by far the best option for a permanent set up.

The Skull & Co. just like every other 3rd party dock is a hassle to take in and out as you have to use 2 hands, it can just be a pain to plug and unplug it. It also takes a bit long time to show up on your TV or monitor compared to the official one. It does connect faster than other 3rd party docks, but it still noticeably lags between the official one. When using 3rd party docks you start to notice just how underrated and worth it, the official dock really is. The official dock connects and switches instantaneously. The official dock lets you take it in and out super easily without any hassle with just a single hand.

However, something the Skull & Co. definitely excels at over the official dock and may be a reason to use it as your permanent Switch Dock is that it won’t scratch your screen, but also this dock natively works with certain cases and grips. In fact, it will work with almost every slim case or grip out there. This is definitely a reason to use the Jumpgate as your permanent setup and just makes the dock that much more versatile.

The way it does this is on the bottom there is a switch that pushes the USB-C port up which allows it to connect through cases. The notch in the back is also removable for cases that don’t have that notch. This feature in and of itself makes this dock extremely attractive as there is no case that truly easily fits in the official dock. But when using it without a case, even just using it as a charger, the official dock works so much better than anything else.


Every single 3rd party dock or charger out there is a pain to take in and out because you have to use two hands and unplug it from the dock which may not sound like a big deal, but it really can be in everyday use. If you only use your Switch docked, or you use a case then the Jumpgate is a great replacement for a permanent setup, but otherwise the official dock is definitely what you should be using as your main setup.

Compared to any other dock though, the Jumpgate is definitely the best option available right now. The Jumpgate is excellent as a portable solution for people who travel or go back and forth a lot. This dock is perfect for going to your grandparents house, going on vacation, going to school, going to work, going to your friends house, going to your other parents house etc. It’s the perfect portable solution and the safest 3rd party dock out there.

Core Drive

The Skull & Co. Jumpgate excels as being a portable dock that is easy to move around, and it’s versatile enough that you’ll want to carry it with you everywhere you take your Switch. Another aspect of the Jumpgate is the price, it’s only $40 which is $50 cheaper than the official one. However, it doesn’t come with an HDMI cord or power adapter unless you buy that with it. They offer their own power adapter designed for Switch for $20. You can also get this dock with just the core dock part for $10 less. The Jumpgate comes in at a way more affordable price than the official dock which is awesome.

Most good USB-C hubs for computers out there cost around $30-50, so it’s in that same price range but offers so much more as it’s designed to be a Nintendo Switch dock.

If you are considering getting another dock or a replacement for your dock, this is by far the best option out there alongside the official Nintendo Switch dock. There are other more portable options like the Teslong, but the safeness, quality, and versatility of the Skull & Co. Jumpgate dock are superb, and you shouldn’t look any further than the Jumpgate.

That being said, for most people the Skull & Co. Jumpgate dock is definitely going to be the way to go, and it’s the dock that I trust the most.


Credit: Adam
YouTube: TimeLag Gaming


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