Review: AudioStick

Review: AudioStick

Your Switch and Switch Lite don't have built-in Bluetooth, but you can still use Bluetooth headphones by using a Bluetooth adapter, so I picked up the AudioStick made by Skull & Co.

The reason I wanted to get this one is because they also do a range of grips for the Switch and Switch Lite, and this stick is compatible with them. It’s an absolutely brilliant piece of kit and’ll explain why.

I have AirPods, which the AudioStick is customized for, but it works with all Bluetooth headphones. You also get a load of extra goodies with it. There are three spaces; one for the Switch and one for the Switch Lite, and a flat one for other protective cases, as well as a USB-A to USB-C cable.

The spacer weighs only five grams, and it's five centimeters long and seven millimeters deep. It's a tiny piece of kit, so it's not going to add any weight to your Switch at all.

You can connect it to two headphones simultaneously, and it will remember up to four headphones. So, if you connect A and B, you can connect two more, and then if you connect a fifth one, the first one will just be forgotten.

It’s a perfect fit, and it's nice and tight up against the Switch and I have to say I have absolutely no issues with the audio quality, and I didn't experience any lag whatsoever. I was properly concentrating to make sure that the voices matched the sound, and it was perfect, so I’m extremely impressed with the sound quality. I couldn't be happier.

The USB A to C cable is for when your Switch is docked, so you can still use your Bluetooth headphones, same as if you were playing in handheld mode.

I’ve got Skull & Co’s Maxcarry case for the Switch and it’s a brilliant fit. So, if you're all in on Skull & Co, you can have the AudioStick and the GripCase fitted to your Switch, and pack it neatly into the Maxcarry. The same goes for the Switch Lite and the Maxcarry case Lite, it fits beautifully.

This is my favorite Bluetooth stick, by far. The quality, fit, and convenience are brilliant. There are other ones on the market that you’d need to charge up, which might be your favorite, but I just wanted the convenience of not having to charge it and just have it on my Switch permanently. It uses hardly any battery off your Switch, I’ve not noticed it at all.

I really love this product. I think it's absolutely fantastic, and until the Switch gets Bluetooth, you're gonna need an adapter, so, I highly recommend the AudioStick!

Please feel free to watch my full Review Video on the AudioStick, as well as my other Review vids on some of Skull & Co’s other accessories on my YouTube channel!


Credit: Leigh - Console and Tech Accessories


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