Post: GripCase Crystal - By @vicsgames

Post: GripCase Crystal - By @vicsgames

Do you like to use a grip when playing handheld?
Thanks to @skullnco for sending over their new crystal grip for me to check out.
⭐️ I love the new crystal clear design because I can see the awesome print on my ACNH switch while still having the comfort of a grip.
⭐️ They are customisable to your needs and style by simply swapping out the detachable grips.
⭐️ The ‘trigger grips’ I have on are my favourite because my hand perfectly wraps around allowing my fingers to rest on the triggers without my hands slipping or feeling strained.
⭐️ SkullnCo grips also fit the docks so there’s no need to remove them before docking.
⭐️ The crystal grip fits snuggly and provides better access to the triggers while also being easy to take on and off.

Thanks again to @skullnco for sending this grip out! It’s really made my handheld gaming sessions so much more comfortable! 💞

Credit: @vicsgames on Instagram

GripCase Crystal for Nintendo SwitchGripCase Crystal for Nintendo Switch


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