Review: GripCase Crystal - By @seandnguyen

Review: GripCase Crystal - By @seandnguyen

@skullnco hit me up to review their GripCase Crystal for the Nintendo Switch on my IG so here we are! Product provided in exchange for review. Get ready for a long, but honest review post.

The GripCase Crystal is a grip and protective case for the Switch, currently $43 on their website it comes with a hard shell carrying case that holds 10 games and various accessories. The carrying case (not pictured) is a nice inclusion but it's not the main selling point. Comes in different colors to match your switch (animal crossing, neon red/blue, grey).

The GripCase comes with 3 different sized interchangeable grips you can mix and match to get the perfect comfort level for using your Switch in portable mode. (SnapGrip: great for small hands and portability. PlusGrip: great for large hands and is super comfortable. TriggerGrip: my favorite, super comfortable, medium large hands). Super easy to snap on and snap off the grips takes very little effort but stays secure with a snap. Good that you don't have to shell out for different sized grips because it's all included.

The case protects the shoulder buttons (L, ZL, R, ZR) which is rare for cases, most of the ones I've tested have left them open. Soft rubber plastic encloses the entire Switch making sure it's protected. Can protect against accidents, but don't yeet it cause it won't protecc.

The bad: While the GripCase technically does fit inside the official Switch dock, it's a bit of a finicky fit. It fits, but is pretty tight (that's what she said). Luckily the case can be added and removed fairly easily (under 4 seconds w/no hassle)

The case doesn't come with a kickstand and the Switch's built in stand is covered but the carrying case can be used as a kickstand for tabletop mode.

Final thoughts: Great purchase to protect your Switch and be comfortable using it in portable mode. Great gift for kids because of the smaller grips. Different sized grips included is great cause no fuss about paying for more grip accessories to fit your hand size. Issues are minor and have solutions. They also have a version for the Switch Lite as well!

Credit: @seandnguyen on Instagram


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