Controller Compainon

When you have more than one controller, how do you store them?

We own a lot of controllers ourselves including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and even third-party ones. They used to be piled up and cluttered our table and it looked messy.

So, we designed the Phantom Rack/Stand which can hold up to 6 controllers, and your entire desktop is instantly tidy!

When you need to go out with your controller, do you also put it directly into your backpack or suitcase like we used to?

This can easily cause damage to the joysticks, so we need a carrying case specially designed to store the controller to better protect it during travel.

Our Controller Case is exactly what you need and the Phantom Stand + Controller case is the best companion for your controllers.

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Skull & Co. Controller case - Black

Carrying Case for PS5/PS4/XBOX/SWITCH Pro Controllers

$15.99 USD
This Is Probably the Best Controller Case You Can Buy on the Market. Storage Space - for headphone/back button attachment. Hard-shell material & water-resistant cover - provides 360° protection for your controller. Thumb Grip compatible...
Skull & Co. Phantom Stand for Controllers - Universal

Phantom Stand/Rack for Controllers, Headset and Other Gaming Accessories

$9.99 USD – $19.99 USD
A Sleek Looking Controller Stand/Rack. Phantom Stand: Minimum presence, Maximum showcase - made of transparent plastic which best displays your controllers. Cut-out for the headphone jack - no need to...
PS5 Controller case bundle denim

Bundle: Carrying Case + Phantom Stand + Thumb Grip for Controllers | Skull & Co.

$29.99 USD
Controller Case: Storage space - for headphone/back button attachment. Water-resistant nylon exterior. Great protection - no pressure on analog sticks. YKK zipper - smooth and durable. Mesh pocket - store...
JoyGrip: Joy-Con Charging Grip for Nintendo SWITCH OLED and Regular Model

JoyGrip: Joy-Con Charging Grip for Nintendo SWITCH OLED and Regular Model

$16.99 USD – $19.99 USD
Pass-through charging – charges your Joy-Cons while playing games. Interchangeable grips – 2 different designs to meet gamers' need. Ergonomic design - provides comfortable handling to avoid carpal tunnel. Various grip colors - perfectly...